Accreditation & Curriculum

Our commitment to quality goes hand and hand with our national accreditation with NAC, the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs. Any school can say that they run a quality program, but Oakland Academy has gone through a strict and thorough evaluation by an independent body of child care professionals. This is a voluntary process in which we hold ourselves to a higher accountability than the State of Florida requires. As part of this commitment, we constantly strive to make improvements in our school, and our teaching expertise. Our smaller class sizes and lower student to teacher ratios allow us to spend more time on each individual child. We provide written daily feedback about your child's day, and semi-annual progress reports to keep you informed. You'll also know what's happening in each classroom with our monthly calender and newsletter. As an additional acknowledgment of our accreditation, we also hold a Florida Gold Seal of Excellence certificate.

Our teachers use a custom blend of "Creative Curriculum" and "Links to Literacy" with a thematic approach emphasizing phonemic awareness. Teachers are able to adapt their lessons to meet each student's needs. This allows the fast learner to continually progress, and the slower learner to spend more time on a new concept. By creating an active learning environment utilizing centers within each classroom, we allow your child to choose areas of interest to maximize their learning potential. At the Pre-K level, we also include computer technology, sign language, Spanish, and yoga.